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I believe Community Conservation through Immersive Experience is a great cause. I am doing this because...

Christian Geel
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R 400
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R 4,000

This project is raising funds to support the Wildlife ACTive Kids Bushcamps within a Zululand protected area, coordinating 5 community-based Wildlife ACT Ambassadors Clubs, and facilitating a 9-month long Immersive Conservation and Business Leadership programme.

Across Zululand in KZN, South Africa, there exists a patchwork of protected areas that run alongside mixed land uses and large communal landscapes. It is both within these protected areas, and outside in communal lands that conservation can either be won or lost. When communities and conservation are at odds with one other, it is often both that loss. To combat this social and conservation challenge, Wildlife ACT works on “both sides of the fence” and works towards re-connecting people with nature for the betterment of these communities and wildlife. More specifically, Wildlife ACT’s Community Conservation Programme (CCP) was established with the aim to support the development and strengthening of community conservation and stewardship in communities adjacent to protected areas, thus contributing towards priority species conservation, such as Rhino, Wild Dog, and Vultures, over the long term.

To achieve its goals, Wildlife ACT have taken a tiered approach to community conservation. This is done through setting a foundation of 1) building a cohort of youth that are connected to, knowledgeable on, and resonate with their natural environment. The programme then 2) nurtures the passion of those teenagers and young adults who continue to show interest in being further ambassadors for conservation. Finally, 3) they facilitate opportunities for those who are interested in pursuing nature-based livelihoods in and around protected areas. more

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Funded to date:

R 400

Funding goal: R 4,000

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NGO: Wildlife ACT
Start: 26th May 2024
End: 29th October 2024