Want to have a project funded?

Find the information you need below as well as frequently asked questions.

Project Sourcing: The Different.org team searches for NGOs doing great work in South Africa. The NGO is checked to make sure everything is in place, and a specific project is identified with a determined budget and time frame. Marketing strategy, graphic design and project audience is ascertained and developed. Finally a project page is created on Different.org.

Please note we are currently not accepting any other NGO applications until further notice.

Click here for the Different.org Project Mandate

Click here for the Overview of Different.org NGO Assessment

Click here for the Different.org NGO Scoring Sheet

Click here for the Funding Guide

Crowdfunding Initiation: Leveraging off both the NGO’s database and the Different database, the project is crowdfunded on Different.org. Specific projects will also be chosen to be eligible for Different Life policyholders to which at least one payment can be donated.

Project Initiation and Completion: After the funding period has been completed, the funds are transferred to the NGO to begin the project. Donors are kept updated with the progress of projects and comprehensive feedback is given once the project is complete.

Our mandate at Different.org is to Maximise Impact, therefore we want to maximise donations coming in for projects. We do this is three ways:

1. We do not charge commission for donations, 100% of the money goes to the project. We can do this because 10% of pre-tax profits from the Different Group go towards running Different Foundation.

2. We absorb any credit card fees from donations made.

3. There are no monthly subscriptions.

Once the project has been vetted, the use of the charity platform is 100% free.

When determining your audience and network there are three levels you can target.

1.First Degree of Contact

These are the contacts in your organisational database. Leverage off your email database, and those in your social network (Facebook and Twitter) as initial contacts for funding the project. These contacts could also be those close to you, such as friends and family.

2. Second Degree of Contact

These are contacts you would find through affiliate organisations who may support you. These could be other NGOs who support you, clubs, churches and businesses.

3. Third Degree of Contact

These are contacts you can gather through advertising and media promotion. Examples would be boosting Facebook posts, small advertising campaigns and getting the word out through Twitter.

Should the target be reached before the end of the funding period, the project will be closed, and the money transferred to the organization. The next project in line will then be added to Different.org platform.

We will make every effort to reach the funding goal of a project but if, at the end of the funding period, only part of the funding has been obtained, Different.org and the project partner will try to adjust the project scope to the amount raised. Should this not be possible the donors will be informed and may choose to:

1. Reallocate the donation to another project via Different.org; or
2. Have the donation refunded (if the donation was not related to a Different Life policy).