Featured Project: Reach For A Dream

Magnifying glass icon What sources great projects and helps fund them through crowdfunding and activist activities. Additionally, the first and anniversary payments of every Life Insurance policy purchased from Different Life will be donated to a project of your choice.

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We are passionate about doing charity differently. We are optimising giving in South Africa through an innovative business model that will provide sustainable funding for great causes. Our dream is to change the lives of many South Africans for the better.

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We provide you with a number of carefully chosen and evaluated charity projects. Through direct donations, activist challenges and policy donation allocations from Different Life, we empower you to be a discerning and effective charitable giver.

#doDifferent for your favourite NGO

Become a #doDifferent Activist

Complete your weekly challenge and will allocate funds to your chosen NGO. Just by creating your activist page, you will automatically receive R300 on your Activist page, and in turn your chosen NGO.

Share a post on social media

For every post shared from the project page, R5 will be allocated to the project. You can #doDifferent with the click of a button.

Help fund one of these wonderful projects

  • Spay-a-thon

    The Society for Animals in Distress

    by The Society for Animals in Distress

  • Brain Food for Afterschool Programmes

    24 days to go
    LIV Lanseria

    by LIV Lanseria

  • Think Technology, Think Now

    29 days to go
    Vuleka School

    by Vuleka School

  • Orphanage Africa

    53 days to go
    Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa)

    by Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa)

100% goes to the project. No admin fees. No bank charges.


At Different we embrace difference. We know all people love to give but everyone likes to do it differently. Thus we have created three different areas you can get involved. Click on the buttons below to see where you can make a difference.