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How works partners with excellent NGOs doing great work around South Africa. The NGOs undergo a selection process to ensure credibility, good governance and ability to execute the task. We value giving supporters feedback and also ensure that our NGO partners report back once the project is completed. We want you to know that your Different Donation was well spent and truly helped change South Africa for the better.’s impact

We really value your participation – without members using their Different Donations to support our NGO partners, this would not be possible. We want you to see that we take our undertaking of 100% of the donation going to the cause, seriously. So we give you stories and feedback to prove this. This is what has happened since started in 2015.

Projects Funded


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R11 Million

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Some of our projects funded since December 2017

Where we work

While the majority of our NGO partners work around Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal (because of our geographic proximity to those provinces) we also partner with NGO partners in most of the other provinces in South Africa.

See what has done

We love giving supporters feedback on the good work they’ve helped, and are helping to, accomplish. This is also why we take care to tell the stories of our NGO partners, and their beneficiaries across our five target areas: (1) Education; (2) Job creation; (3) Poverty Alleviation; (4) Healthcare; and (5) Environment.

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