The Basics of Being Different

Click here for our NGO FAQs and resources. is an online crowdfunding philanthropy platform enabling South Africans to maximise their impact in our beautiful country. South Africans can donate money to fund great projects and NGOs which have been verified by Different Foundation is a Non-Profit Company (with NPO and PBO status) that collects and distributes donations to the various NGOs on who ensure that projects are delivered to plan, and uses the platform to raise funds for great projects.

Throughout the life span of a project, platform will provide comprehensive feedback on the difference the project is making to the lives of its beneficiaries.

The Different Donation is the first and every anniversary payment of the Different Life contract. It is loaded into the policyholder’s wallet and once cleared, this amount becomes available to donate to a project of the policyholder’s choice.  If a policyholder does not donate the amount loaded into their wallet within 45 calendar days of it becoming available, it will be auto-allocated to one of the projects on

The Different Donation is collected directly into the bank account of Different Foundation, a registered Public Benefit Organisation. From there it is allocated to the chosen project.

The Different Donation is the power behind Different Life helping you change South Africa.

If you have bought a policy through Different Life or are part of our Different Payroll Giving scheme then your wallet could have funds in it. The wallet should reflect one monthly payment or the amount taken from your salary each month. You can allocate those funds to any project on by clicking on your profile (click on your name, top right of the page) and choosing a project. You cannot draw your money out of your wallet.

All these entities may seem confusing so here is a brief description about how they all relate.

The Different Group is the entire group of Different companies including Different Life. This group donates a minimum of 10% of pre-tax profits to the Different Foundation. This enables all donations coming through the crowdfunding platform to be given directly to the NGO concerned.

The Different Foundation is the non-profit company which acts as a conduit for donations to NGOs on the platform.

Different Life is the engine behind all that we do and helps in achieving our dreams for South Africa. By purchasing a life insurance policy through Different Life, you are able to donate at least one monthly payment per year to a cause of your choice on the platform. Once a policy is purchased a profile is created on and the member’s account credited with their first month’s payment to be allocated to a project on the platform.

The platform is owned and supported by Different Life and is used as a crowdfunding platform to fundraise for worthy projects and keeps donors updated with projects.

As the Different Group, we want to change the way people do business by focusing on maximising impact, not profit. That’s why the Different Group gives away a minimum of 10% of pre-tax profits as a donation to the Different Foundation and to worthy causes as well as supporting projects through our Different Life model. searches South Africa for NGOs doing great work in our country and partners with them to make an impact by raising funds on the platform. Many NGOs are hampered by the burden of continually having to fundraise and worry about income to continue good projects. We want to lift the burden by exposing people to these projects and enabling them to be a part of the impact.

Different Life is the engine behind all that we do and helps in achieving our dreams for South Africa. By purchasing a life insurance policy through Different Life, you are able to donate at least one monthly payment per year – a Different Donation – to a cause of your choice on the platform. As is the case with other companies which are part of the Different Group, a minimum of 10% of pre-tax profits are donated directly to the Different Foundation, which ensures that all of the money donated by you goes towards helping the causes that you love!

By referring friends who purchase a life insurance policy through Different Life, we will reward you with an additional monthly payment which you can donate to a cause of your choice on the platform. Before you know it, you could see South Africa heading towards a brighter future.’s mandate is to provide impact in three main ways: as an Implementer

The will act as a mobiliser of resources to provide funds, goods and services to people, causes and areas who need them. Our aim is to maximise impact of resources by project managing initiatives to run efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising on quality services and assistance where needed. as a Catalyst will act as an organisation to inspire, facilitate and contribute to improved thinking and action to promote change within the problem areas in South Africa, both in the business and NGO realms. as a Partner

Different .org will partner with other NGOs and businesses, sharing the risk and the enjoyment of bettering South Africa, its people, communities and environment. will add value to existing NGOs and businesses by making available expertise which seeks to develop and strengthen existing capabilities within that particular organisation.

The categories of projects which we want to assist are as follows:

1. Education

2. Job Development

3. Poverty Alleviation

4. Environment

5. Health Care

6. Social Need wants to make sure that all the projects on the platform get funded and are impactful. We carefully review the credentials of NGOs, make sure they are trustworthy and then work through the particular deliverables for each project. Each project has a set budget and time frame so that we can measure its impact. Click here for our NGO information page.

Occasionally will partner with a NGO who wants to fund raise a large amount of money for various projects as well as operational and fund raising expenses. The NGO may want activists to run or ride a race to raise money for their cause. They do this through activist pages created by passionate followers of the NGO.

Although we still promise to give 100% of the funds raised to the NGO this is not a ring fenced project and as such does not appear in our projects section. still conducts an impact assessment on the NGO so that those giving to the fund raising project know their money is being well spent. will also provide feedback on projects included in the fund raising effort.

Donors can still give their Different Donations to activists.

An activist is a passionate supporter of a NGO who has a fund raising project on and has created an activist project page. They can direct their family, friends and colleagues to this page to donate to their cause. 100% of the money donated goes to the NGO concerned. Here is an example of an activist page:

Project Finances:

It may be hard to believe but there is no catch, although is not an open platform. All projects need to be vetted before appearing on the website. This vetting process is undertaken by and is a free process. Once a project is vetted and placed onto, the platform is 100% free to use.

1.        100% of the funds go to the project, no commission on donations. We can do this because a minimum of 10% of pre-tax profits from the Different Group go towards running Different Foundation.

2.        No monthly subscription fees.

3.        All credit fees from donations are absorbed.

Trusting Different Foundation and

The NGO who initiated the project with is responsible for the completion of the project. guarantees the transfer of the funds to the NGO and will monitor the project to make sure all the donors receive good feedback, although the running and completion of the project will be done by the NGO concerned.

Different Foundation will also be audited annually to provide donors with 100% transparency and accountability.

3D Secure Payment Faults:

Due to the higher risk of credit card fraud whilst doing online payments, 3D Secure was created by VISA and MasterCard to make online transactions more secure. It is designed to authenticate the cardholder’s identity at the time of payment.

  1. When you are ready to checkout and proceed with your purchase, choose the correct button.
  2. You will be redirected to the Payment Page, where you will enter your credit card details.
  3. From here, you will be redirected to the correct bank’s 3D Secure page (VerifiedByVisa or MasterCard SecureCode). On this page, you will be asked to enter your 3D Secure pin, or One Time Pin.
  4. You will receive the 3D Secure One Time Pin via SMS from your bank. Once entered, this will complete the authentication process.

If you have not activated 3DS on your card, or are unsure if it has been activated, please click one of the following bank links to activate:


Capitec Bank

Standard Bank


Once you have selected your bank’s link, you will redirect to a registration screen that will request your card details to activate 3D Secure.


For FNB cardholders, log into your FNB Online Banking profile and follow these steps:

  1. Select the “My Bank Accounts” tab
  2. Select the “My Cards” sub tab
  3. Click on “Activate Now” in the “Verified by Visa” column and enter the relevant details.

The Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) has mandated that all CNP (Card Not Present) payments for VISA and MasterCard must be 3D Secured and the Acquiring Banks have been requested to ensure that their merchants comply.