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I believe Training baristas, inspiring hope is a great cause. I am doing this because...

Michael Msiza
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The change to The Woza Coffee School Project is necessitated by the measures imposed by the South African government to curb the spread of COVID-19 amongst its citizens. Initially, The Woza Coffee School had planned on using the funds raised to run a 3-month barista training programme for 12 unemployed, “at-risk” youth, and to help equip a new Woza Coffee School campus with the necessary basics. However, since the hospitality industry has been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19, The Woza Coffee School does not wish to create the impression that opportunities exist right now, and that more baristas need to be trained.

Accordingly, The Woza Coffee School is repurposing its project to train unemployed baristas to run their own coffee stand/wagon. Participants will receive an introduction to entrepreneurship and hands-on practical skills to run/manage a coffee stand.

The Woza Coffee School is a charitable trust, PBO and NPO that trains the unemployed “at-risk” youth to become baristas and places them into baristing jobs at a range of coffee brands. And for those students showing entrepreneurial spirit, they equip and facilitate the journey for them to run and own a modular coffee business.

The name “Woza” comes from the Zulu word, meaning “come on”. It’s a word of encouragement used to get someone or something going, and that's exactly what this organisation does.

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Funded to date:

R 405

Funding goal: R 4,000
NGO: The Woza Coffee School
Start: 26th November 2021
End: 28th February 2022