Saving animals and creating employment

by Society for Animals in Distress

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R 288,000
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R 288,000

This project will create employment and increase accessibility to professional veterinary care in impoverished communities.

Currently para-veterinary animal health technician graduates have a 95% unemployment rate. Opportunities for providing mentorship, skills development and advanced practical experience will not only capacitate accessible veterinary care within indigent communities but create value chains within the entire veterinary community.  Furthering the national development goals of South Africa by addressing the critically underserviced veterinary needs in indigent communities with youth employment and talent harnessing is a critical factor in achieving SAID’s vision of ensuring access to professional veterinary care.

95% of Para-Veterinary Animal Health Technicians are unemployed in South Africa. The Society for Animals in Distress, as part of their vision ‘to ensure the development of access to veterinary care in South Africa’ has embarked on a mission to develop the scope of post graduate employment in the welfare veterinary sector of South Africa. This focus is aimed at filling the gap that exists in South Africa’s current capacity and delivery of veterinary care. The impact of such a project will further the national development goals of South Africa.

The Society for Animals in Distress conducts all of its work under a strict mandate of solution based education in indigent communities. The impact of investing in the lives of these graduates is critical in ensuring a decrease in animal abuse, limiting capacity pressure on rescue organisations, thereby preserving donor funding while contributing to their ability to perform and economically benefit from their qualifications. Your support of this initiative is gratefully received and responsibly administered. more

Project activity

Funded to date:

R 288,000

Funding goal: R 288,000
NGO: Society for Animals in Distress
Start: 16th January 2018
End: 31st October 2019
Field agent: Holly