Making matric a reality

by Refilwe

 Gauteng, Johannesburg  Poverty Alleviation  Health Care

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R 133,035
Funded to date
R 150,000

This project will provide remedial schooling, outsourced psychiatric assessments, educational assessments, psychological therapy and occupational therapy, which are required to develop fully healthy and successful young adults.

The main focus at Refilwe is child care. The God Parent Program uses a family-based foster care model where they provide safe and stable home environments for up to 40 vulnerable children. The children are placed with foster parents within a loving family unit called a God Parent family. They can provide for up to 10 God Parent families living at Refilwe. Each family consists of between 4 to 6 children. The Department of Social Development places each child with a suitable God Parent family, by court order.

The children receive quality education, beginning at the Refilwe Early Childhood Development Centre and continuing through very reputable local primary and secondary schools. They then assist those who have left school to access tertiary education, training courses, or the work force, depending on the skills and interests of each child. more

Project activity

Funded to date:

R 133,035

Funding goal: R 150,000
NGO: Refilwe
Start: 12th January 2018
End: 31st October 2019