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Reach For A Dream is raising funds to fulfil a minimum of 20 dreams for 20 children.

Fulfilling the dreams of life-threatened children is at the core of what we do. When a child gets diagnosed with a life-threatening illness it takes a severe toll on their life. Despite this reality, life-threatened children still have dreams, and we want to fulfil them. Through fulling each child’s dream we are able to bring a spark of hope back into each child’s life, as we know children want nothing more than to have their dreams come true, regardless of their illness. A dream could be going to the sea for the first time or getting a dollhouse. No matter the dream, we try to fulfil it. Let’s make dreams come true.

Childhood should be the most magical phase of one's life. For children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, the magic is easily lost. Reach For A Dream tries to alleviate some of the emotional, physical and financial strain of dealing with a life-threatening illness by creating magical moments that last a lifetime. Some of the health concerns we deal with range from leukaemia, cystic fibrosis, and muscular dystrophy to HIV, kidney failure and blood disorders. With branches across South Africa, our core projects are Camp Sunshine, Jabulani Kingdom, Queen for a Day, Capitan Courage, Family Focus and Dream Fulfillment. Through all these projects combined we impact 50 000 children a year. Dream fulfilment is what our foundation is primarily known for. Through fulfilling each child's unique dream we are able to bring many forms of relief to each child. Fulfilling the dreams of terminally ill children is not just about fulfilling a child's wants. Our work is about improving the quality of life of these children. Dreams normally fall into one of the following categories:

A dream to meet someone famous or their role model e.g. meeting Celine Dion.
A dream to go somewhere or to see an amazing place e.g. Table Mountain.
A dream to become somebody or something e.g. to be a radio DJ for a day.
A dream to have a special experience e.g. a ride in a Ferrari.
A dream to have or own something e.g. dolls or a motorised car. more

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R 300

Funding goal: R 24,000
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