GROW Hillbrow

by MES - Mould, Empower, Serve

 Hillbrow, Johannesburg  Poverty Alleviation  Social Need  Job Creation

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R 127,000
Funded to date
R 127,000

This project will fund the operating costs of the GROW program for the homeless in Hillbrow for 6 months. 

MES is a Christian social development organisation that facilitates professional services to vulnerable or at risk individuals, families and communities empowering them through a holistic service model to become independent and sustainable.

The GROW Hillbrow initiative has two main objectives. The first is service-orientated and designed to make an environmental impact on defined areas in Hillbrow by cleaning the streets and surrounds. The second is participant-orientated by utilising the provision of cleaning services rendered by homeless individuals residing in the Hillbrow area, as an opportunity to develop and equip them to become sustainable citizens.

Funds raised will be used to pay stipends to the cleaning teams and their leaders, and to purchase the equipment needed for cleaning.

 About GROW Hillbrow

This initiative is an opportunity for anyone, but particularly, un-employable and vulnerable persons, to participate in a job- and life-rehabilitation programme, earning cash in hand for honest hard work, of which the end result is a “Graduation List” of participants who are deemed to be employable persons of quality. more

Project activity

Funded to date:

R 127,000

Funding goal: R 127,000
NGO: MES - Mould, Empower, Serve
Start: 20th April 2015
End: 1st March 2016
Field agent: Leona Pienaar