Love Food

by Ladles of Love Foundation

 Cape Town  Poverty Alleviation

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Different Donations
R 14,206
Funded to date
R 50,000

Food is the language of love and sadly, there are little children starving in our communities with no food and nothing to play with. What better way to show you care, than sponsoring a child with Love Food every day for a month plus a ball to play. This project is raising funds to provide children at ECDs with nutritious breakfasts and lunches daily, as well as playing equipment. Funds will also be used to devise meal plans and recipes to prepare ‘Love Food’ with the help of a top nutritionist.

For little children in impoverished communities, there is no food at home and no money for toys. Due to the lack of stimulation and social engagement together with malnutrition, children are not developing as they should and many have stunted growth and cognitive development issues.

Our Nourish Our Children programme for 2023 supports Educare Centres who are struggling to make ends meet, let alone feed their little children with healthy meals and educational toys. more

Project activity

Funded to date:

R 14,206

Funding goal: R 50,000

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NGO: Ladles of Love Foundation
Start: 1st May 2023
End: 30th November 2023
PBO: 930062925
Field agent: Candice Daniels

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Lesa Lessing