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 Richie, Northern Cape, South Africa  Education  Poverty Alleviation

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R 49,009
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R 49,000

Funding for the project will be used to feed the children at an ECD center in the Northern Cape and provide the school with a mobile library. 

Kagisho Day Care Center in Ritchie in the Northern Cape is an Early Childhood Development Center (ECD) that focuses on providing services for mentally disabled children. Twenty five of these children come from food-insecure households, meaning that food is not readily available. Furthermore, in the majority of households where even the provision of a daily meal may be a financial challenge, there are no additional funds for books. Kagisho Day Care Centre aims to provide both meals and books to children who would otherwise have no access to either. Futurelife Foundation is partnering with Kagisho Day Care Centre to provide a daily nutritious meal for 25 children, as well as a moble library station for the Day Care Centre.

The Kagisho Day Care Centre is situated in Ritchie, which is a small town located 40 kilometres south of Kimberley, in the Northern Cape Province. The area is affected by number of challenges such as drought, poverty, unemployment, alcohol abuse etc.

Some of the children at the Kagisho Day Care Centre suffer from cerebral palsy – and in such cases, proper nutrition is especially important as it can help improve behavioural issues, bone development, energy levels and digestive issues. Studies have also shown that proper nutrition can delay the cognitive deterioration of children suffering from Down Syndrome.

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Project activity

Funded to date:

R 49,009

Funding goal: R 49,000
NGO: Futurelife Foundation
Start: 10th April 2016
End: 19th May 2016
Field agent: Julika Falconer