COVID-19 School Meal Gap Campaign

by Zero2Five Trust

 Various locations in KwaZulu-Natal and Bizana, Eastern Cape  Poverty Alleviation  Education  Job Creation  Health Care

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R 246,568
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R 246,569

Prior to the COVID-19-imposed lockdown, Zero2Five's nutrition programme supported 17 000 learners in early childhood development centres and primary schools. Lockdown meant the loss of the one or two nutritious meals they desperately depend on every day. Providing optimal nutrition is critical in maintaining a strong immune system during this time.

To close the school meal gap, Zero2Five is setting up a communication and collection system for the ECD Centres and Primary Schools that they serve, so that the parents and caregivers are able to safely collect monthly porridge and other staple food items for the family from central drop-off points.

With the required funding, Zero2Five can support up to 60,000 families with nutrition and soap during this time. Different Foundation will match all donations, Rand-for-Rand, up to an amount of R100,000.

[NOTE: This project ended on 2 May 2020 and the total amount is inclusive of the R100,000 matched by Different Foundation.]

The purpose of the Zero2Five Trust is to enhance broad-based community development, particularly for the benefit of children at non fee-paying schools, vulnerable groups in society and to support projects that promote sustainable livelihoods in areas where such non-fee-paying schools exist. The Zero2Five Trust provides assistance to such communities to ensure their children’s healthy development of physical, educational and social needs.

Zero2Five Trust’s mission is to promote holistic Early Childhood Development in formerly disadvantaged areas through improving learners’ health and education outcomes with nutrition and education programmes. The Zero2Five Trust helps children reach their developmental milestones in their formative years for them to reach their full potential and to have a safe and prosperous future life. more

Project activity

Funded to date:

R 246,568

Funding goal: R 246,569
NGO: Zero2Five Trust
Start: 9th April 2020
End: 4th May 2020
PBO: 930 049 012
NPO: 150 - 606 NPO
Field agent: Julika Falconer

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Tim Drummond Lisa Askew