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Positive Change begins with us the people and it's our duty to leave a beautiful footprint even if it's a single life or many,the power of good deeds fosters a positive and courageous future especially to those who have lost hope. Stand with me and help a soul because If not us,who ? If not now,when?

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Flying for Life is raising funds to cover the cost of flights that enable volunteer healthcare professionals to access remote areas and tap into rural communities where there is a dire need for medical treatment. Our upliftment projects, surgeries, and training will take place at Donald Fraser Hospital in the Vhembe District in Limpopo and Dr Harry Surtie Hospital in the Northern Cape, throughout 2023. Volunteer healthcare professionals provide crucial, skilled medical interventions such as cataract surgeries for patients who would otherwise go untreated.

Both the Donald Fraser Hospital in the Vhembe District in Limpopo and Dr Harry Surtie Hospital in the Northern Cape, have increasing waiting lists; and due to a combination of variables such as patient location, waiting time, and general lifestyle with lack of access to UV protection, patients come in with very dense cataracts. If you have cataracts, they worsen time, impairing your vision irrevocably. Job loss and collapsed quality of life are ultimately and unavoidably a reality for these individuals. Left untreated cataracts can cause total blindness - this has a generational effect as younger familiar members in such communities are forced to stay home to assist their relatives.

Since the inception of Flying for Life, we have carried out over 1000 successful surgeries. The testimonials that come through from patients with restored eyesight are both humbling and inspiring. You need only hear one to realise the impact of such an operation, and gift.

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Funded to date:

R 400

Funding goal: R 4,000

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NGO: Flying For Life
Start: 17th March 2024
End: 30th August 2024