Improving deaf children's education

by Eduplex

 Pretoria, South Africa  Health Care  Education

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R 100,000
Funded to date
R 100,000

This project will allow for the Phonak Roger digital listening system to be installed in classrooms of the Eduplex High School allowing deaf children to hear clearly. 

The Phonak Roger System drastically improves the ability for deaf children to hear a teacher in a classroom. Improved hearing helps the children learn better and allows deaf children to learn alongside hearing children. The system streams the teacher’s crystal clear voice directly to the deaf children’s hearing devices (hearing aids and cochlear implants) boosting their speech understanding and improving their learning as a result.

Helping deaf children to see themselves as part of normal society, is the objective of Eduplex, an inclusive, unique parallel medium (English and Afrikaans) mainstream school in which pupils with a hearing loss learn and acquire spoken language alongside their friends with normal hearing.

Eduplex is pioneering a new paradigm in childhood education. It fosters important changes in the way people think about the education of deaf children in the mainstream of society and serves as a model for inclusive education internationally by offering an extensive curriculum and striving for high academic standards in a fully differentiated programme. Eduplex strives to make a difference not only in deaf education, but in general school education worldwide. more

Project activity

Funded to date:

R 100,000

Funding goal: R 100,000
NGO: Eduplex
Start: 24th October 2017
End: 31st May 2018
Field agent:
Erika Basson