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I believe #DODIFFERENT AND FEED A CHILD is a great cause. I am doing this because a great number of children in South Africa go to bed hungry and not knowing where their next meal is coming from. These children do not deserve to live like this.The children are our future and if we do not take care of them then we do not have a future.

Sihle Zulu
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Children's Meals Provided

It is hard to learn unless you are well fed. This project aims to allocate funds to Cotlands to make sure that vulnerable children in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes run by Cotlands are fed.

1) Share a post on social media = Cotlands receives an allocation that will provide a meal for a child in South Africa


Cotlands is a non-profit early childhood organisation addressing the education and social crisis by establishing early learning playgroups and toy libraries in poor communities to serve vulnerable children aged birth to six.

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Project activity

Funded to date:

R 3,320

Funding goal: R 5,000

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NGO: Cotlands
Start: 25th March 2021
End: 31st January 2023