Last year, through the platform, Cherished‘s upskilling project was fully funded. As part of that project, a number of ladies were sponsored to study Home-Based Care & Palliative Care courses. This is the story of the journey of one of those ladies from Cherished themselves…

She began with one small step – she reached out to us. With a painful history of sexual exploitation, addiction, relapses and a near overdose, she was on the brink of destruction. But then she cried out for help! Cherished stepped into the gap she had fallen through and the hard work of healing began.

Through Cherished, this precious lady has gone through a full restoration programme that included rehabilitation from substance abuse; in-depth counselling; group and individual therapy; opportunities to further her education; career guidance and preparation for the world of work and independent living. We believe in helping vulnerable women uncover the dreams and passions they have buried so deep in their hearts as a result of difficult and unfair circumstances. After our lady had spent much time soul-searching and dealing with a devastating past, she discovered that she longed to create hope and a future for others. As a little girl, her dream was to become a nurse and she immediately leapt at the opportunity to study Home-Based & Palliative Care. 

With’s generous support, she was able to pursue her dream. Today, she has qualified as a professional carer, receiving great marks throughout her studies. She diligently put her new skills to work, volunteering and gaining valuable experience at an elderly care home in town. Recently, she got a lovely full-time position at an elderly care home in an upmarket area in Joburg’s Northern suburbs. She is feeling so fulfilled and her new employer has been so impressed with her hard-working attitude. That is a giant leap forward for her, her future and her family.

Today she is leading a completely different way of life.

She is currently staying at a shelter as she saves up to find a place of her own. Her goal is to become stable and independent so that her daughter can come stay with her later in the year and they can be reunited. She still has a road to walk, yes, but she always presses on with deep certainty that she is loved, she is valued and she has a great purpose to fulfil. From an overdose she almost didn’t survive, to incredible personal growth and a hope-filled future, we are humbled by the courage she has shown in choosing and pursuing a new way of life.

Thank you for partnering with us to help her, and ladies like her, take that next step.

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