Everyone has the right to a good basic education, however, there are certain people who, unfortunately, do not have access to high-quality education – or even education at all. Today, we’re looking at one of the recently funded projects, closing the growing gap of the educational divide, by offering a bursary to a disadvantaged student to attend one of the country’s most renowned institutions.

The  St David’s Marist Foundation bursary was founded in 2006 and has always provided bursaries as part of its service to the community. The foundation awards an average of 20 bursaries every year, which implies that the bursary program has helped at least 300 worthy students to far. The programme is not only concerned about the academic, cultural or sporting success of the recipients but also their holistic wellbeing. As such, St David’s provides support for both the bursary recipients and their families to ensure each bursary recipient has the best possible chance of success. 

Bursary recipients receive assistance with meals and transport where required, and all of their educational and uniform requirements are covered. They also receive a small monthly pocket money stipend to give them an aspect of financial freedom and autonomy. Some of the most notable recipients include the South African cricket team captain Themba Bavuma, who is currently funding a bursary for a grade 8 learner through his own foundation. A 2017 matriculant at St David’s, also a recipient of the bursary programme, started the Mizapah Bursary fund, which is housed under St David’s Marist Foundation. He started the fund so that boys following in his footsteps could have the same opportunities that he had to attend St David’s. The Mizpah Bursary currently sits on a fund value of just under R100 000.

Overall St David’s Marist Foundation is supporting 18 full bursaries at St David’s this year, thanks to donors like Different Life and their clients who have contributed through our platform. These bursaries are primarily for students from Alexandra, which is only 7 km away from the school. St David’s is also in the fortunate position of being able to ensure that every boy at the school has access to online schooling during lockdowns, ensuring as little disruption as possible to their education. 

We are only able to provide funding to such projects through the continued support of our Different Life clients, whose first and anniversary premiums go to deserving projects like St David’s. You can also make a difference and support deserving projects like this by going on Different.org.

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