You’ve got your #doDifferent activist page and have even completed some challenges and raised some money for your chosen NGO, which is great. But you are missing some of the camaraderie that goes with events and being part of a community. This is why we have created the #doDifferent Activist Group on Facebook. This is a community of people who are driven to make a difference – just like you. Here are some of the things you can get from the group:

  1. Share events. Exercising alone can sometimes be no fun. Why not share any upcoming events that you can do together or ideas that you would like to try and get others involved in. You might find your next favourite pastime.

  2. Encourage each other. Everyone needs a little support or encouragement every now and then. The #doDifferent activists group enables you to get support from like-minded people, and visa versa, creating a support system.

  3. Challenge yourself. Competition drives many people, so challenge yourself and see how you do against fellow #doDifferent activists. See who can complete the most challenges in a week and that may become a challenge…

  4. Start the conversation. Do you have questions or ideas that you want to share? Why not start a conversation with like-minded people. You can ask any questions you have, suggest new challenges, share ideas, motivate, start exercise groups – whatever your heart desires.

So join the group today and become part of the #doDifferent Activist community.

Join here.

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