You know the passions your friends and families share. Target the ones who identify with your cause and let them know the good work you and your chosen NGO are doing. Hopefully, this will encourage them to support you, but if they need a little extra nudge, here are some tips: 

  1. Give them context. Warm them up with a friendly phone call or message before asking them to do something that will help you on your #doDifferent journey. Tell them why you want to #doDifferent and how this could make a difference.

  2. Ask for something specific. Why is this important? Because it takes the burden off of your loved ones to figure out what you want them to do. The less thinking the better. So if you want them to share a post of yours on social, tag them so they know which one. Or challenge them to #doDifferent by sharing your post, and your #doDifferent activist page, far and wide.

  3. Thank them personally. Nothing shows your appreciation more than a simple personal thank you. It means so much more when it comes from the heart and, you never know, your friends and family may be compelled to join you and #doDifferent.

  4. Encourage them to #doDifferent. To #doDifferent is to make a change and to positively impact other people’s lives. So why not try to get your family and friends involved, and together, we can make an even bigger difference.
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