The past few weeks have been an emotion-filled time for our country. There has been a strange balance between crisis mode and business as usual. Together with this, there is a pressing need to keep infrastructures going to ensure that as much as possible, no citizen is left behind.

One of our NGO partners, Zero2Five Trust, provides nutritious meals for around 17,000 children at early childhood development centers in rural KwaZulu-Natal and Bizana in the Eastern Cape. Due to the recent restriction on movement, their services have become even more necessary.

Julika Falconer, CEO of Zero2Five Trust, writes: “To close the school meal gap, we are setting up a communication and collection system for the ECD Centres and Primary Schools we serve, so that the parents and caregivers are able to collect monthly porridge and other staple food items for the family…from central drop-off points in their communities.”

Different Foundation is matching every donation to this project Rand-for-Rand, and would love to invite you to join in helping Zero2Five provide food security and soap for up to 60,000 households in rural KwaZulu-Natal and Bizana in the Eastern Cape. Click here to allocate your Different Donation.

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