It is difficult to paint the problem of unemployment in South Africa in a positive light. The bottom line is, there is an unusually high level of unemployment. We will spare you the stats, because you’ve probably seen them. Instead, we’re here to offer you a way of being part of a solution.

Job creation is one of’s focus areas and because of this, we’ve partnered with a number of NGOs that have effective interventions to address unemployment.

E3 Youth Development Hub in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, provides unemployed youth with training, mentorship, networking opportunities and a small business incubation space – all free of charge.

MES’ GROW programme, an acronym for God Restores Our World, is a job-and-life rehabilitation project that creates shift opportunities for homeless and unemployed community members to earn cash for work done whilst being part of a coaching and developmental programme.

The Woza Coffee School trains unemployed “at-risk” youth to become baristas and places them into full-time employment in this role.

If you haven’t allocated your Different Donation yet, you could choose to address unemployment by supporting one of these impactful NGOs.

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