According to World Bank statistics, there are 0.9 doctors per 1000 people in South Africa. This is much higher than the DRC and Zimbabwe’s 0.1, but less when you compare it to Australia’s 3.6 or Canada’s 2.6 per 1000 people.

The implication of this is that not everyone gets the healthcare that they need. The other major reason for insufficient medical care is the fact that the majority of the population in South Africa cannot afford private healthcare. 

This is why we’re partnering with NGOs that are excellent at closing these gaps by making quality care more easily accessible to all. If you haven’t allocated your Different Donation yet, here are the healthcare NGOs that you can support: 

Flying for Life flies volunteer medical specialists to the remote Vhembe District, in northern Limpopo. Here they perform sight-restoring cataract operations as well as train and upskill local medical professionals to do the same. 

The Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss helps children with limited financial means to receive cochlear implants, which drastically improves their ability to live a fully-integrated life. 

The Papillon Foundation is raising funds to allow for the hosting of free trauma training sessions for child workers in various regions of South Africa. These workshops equip the child workers to bring healing to children who have experienced trauma.

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    Snikiwe :

    I am snikiwe mthembu from kzn olundi, please I am the one who need this in my life am trying I have health promotion and HIV and aids councelling, please give me a chance to work with you

    • SimoneG replied :

      Hi Snikiwe, thank you very much for your message, it’s good to hear from you. Our organisation is not directly involved in HIV/AIDS counselling – we partner with other NGOs. Perhaps you could get in touch with this NGO to see if they are running any training programmes: All the best!

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    Sermin İşler :

    I am a dentist, I have been worked for 21 years as a Dentist.
    I have been living for 3.5 years in South Africa.
    How can I help you?

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