Work itself is fundamental to how human beings realize their destiny in this world. To be deprived of work, to be unable to provide for one’s family and oneself, is to become not only economically vulnerable, but also humanly stunted…work… is fundamental to human nature and its expression.” – Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

If you’ve ever been without work, or even had a job where you haven’t felt secure or valued, you may identify with the words above.

In South Africa, an estimated 37% of the population – around 14 million people, are unemployed. Where there are high unemployment levels, poverty is also an unwelcome but almost inevitable phenomenon.

While you may feel powerless to change this situation because of the scale of the problem, there are ways to make a difference. You may include others in networks that you have access to, thus giving them the exposure that they need. There are also a number of credible and effective NGOs that are working hard to upskill trainees to ensure that they are ready to enter – and succeed – in a competitive job market. has partnered with The Woza Coffee School and Society for Animals in Distress, who run great job creation initiatives.

The Woza Coffee School equips at-risk young people with barista skills so that they can enter the job market with a good chance of being permanently employed. Click here to support this project with your Different Donation.

Society for Animals in Distress runs an animal healthcare technician training programme, creating an environment where those with a passion for animals learn on the job while providing quality pet care in under-resourced communities. To support this project, click here.

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