We love sharing news from our NGO partners. Jenna-Lee Strugnell of Tales of Turning gave us an update on their program that is helping vulnerable mothers reach their full potential.

Thanks to your donations, 22 vulnerable mothers were able to complete the Tales of Turning mothers program over the last 3 months. This program was designed to provide vulnerable mothers with the skills that they need to help their children reach their full potential. This included parenting skills and learning how to make children’s educational toys from recyclable materials.The mothers also learnt how to cultivate self esteem and empathy in their children. We ended the program with a celebration to honor the mothers who are working hard to give their children a good life. Take a look at what the mothers had to say about the parenting and communication section of the Tales of Turning program:

“Since I learnt about active listing, I’ve been using it with my children at home and it worked.”

“Some of the roadblocks to communication that I use with my children are just habits. They are things I say without realizing I am doing damage. Now that I have started noticing them, step by step, communication is better with my children.”

“Its never been easy to solve problems in my home. Now that I am using the win-win method to solve conflicts things are better as we sit down as a family and solve problems together so that everyone is satisfied with the result.

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