Twitter can be a powerful ally in getting the word out about your project. If you are a regular tweeter, or just getting going, here are 5 tips from our social media community manager, Simone Gregor, to help maximise your reach on the growing social network.


1) Hashtags Help
Take some time to research what hashtags are trending, and if any of them are related to your particular cause. Don’t be too broad/generic in your use of hashtags, and don’t over-hashtag.

2) Follow Friends
Find active Twitter users who are interested in similar things and follow them. That way, you can keep up-to-date and learn from their successes. It also doesn’t hurt to reach out to them if you see an opportunity to collaborate.

3) Retweet Regularly
Once you’ve found Twitter users sharing good content, you can retweet their tweets every now and then. It helps to quote the tweet, rather than just retweeting it without adding your own thoughts.

4) Post Pictures
If you’re good at storytelling, include tweets with pictures to help gather support from your followers. Use carefully-chosen hashtags, add the location if you’re tweeting from somewhere interesting and also tag anyone else involved if relevant. Make sure your tweets are compelling and informative.

5) Don’t Just Make Noise
You’re not going to go to a party and just talk without listening to other people’s conversations. Similarly, with Twitter, engagement is key. It takes time, but it’s good to join conversations that are relevant to what you’re doing – don’t simply keep on tweeting your own thoughts without engaging other Twitter users.


Happy Funding!

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