Above: The Wellness Wagon at Bulungula Incubator in the Eastern Cape.

The Starfish Greathearts Foundation sent us an update on the great work being done by their Wellness Wagon team. The Wellness Wagon provides children in rural areas with basic health care.


Osman and Nkosikhona’s Story

Thandanani Children’s Foundation went to Jika Joe area with the Wellness Wagon where two children, Oscar Ntshali* (2) and Nhlanhla Njabulo* (4), were tested on the same day. Osman was tested for HIV, and his results were positive. Their mother, Zodwa Ndlovu* (24) who is HIV positive and unemployed, expressed her appreciation for being able to access health services for her children through the Wellness Wagon. She said her two children had sores on their bodies but that she did not have the money to take them to the clinic. A professional Department of Health nurse, who was present on the day, provided Zodwa and her children with Vitamin A.

*Names changed for privacy.


Zamajoli’s Story

Zamajoli Jokazi (2) was brought to the Wellness Wagon by his foster mother, Nandipha Jokazi (25) who is unemployed. When the Lay Counsellor checked Zamajoli’s immunisation card she noticed some gaps. The importance of immunisation was explained to Nandipha, who agreed that she would take Zamajoli to the clinic as soon as she could. Nandipha then also explained that she sometimes experiences difficulties with Zamajoli’s biological mother, who sometimes arrives demanding “her child back”.  This matter was referred to Department of Social Development and South African Police Services for their intervention. A follow up was made by the lay counsellor to Nandipha and the feedback was that she had taken Zamajoli to the clinic, and that Zamajoli’s biological mother was not interfering at the moment. Nandipha thanked TCF for our assistance.

Click here to find out more about the Wellness Wagon project.

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