We get it… asking for donations is tough. But here’s the good news. According to CAFSA (Charity Aid Foundation South Africa) 85% of Gauteng’s population gives every month, and they give to those around them.

Here are 5 tips for asking for people’s hard earned cash:

    1. Know your donor. You know the passions your friends and families share. Target the ones who identify with your cause and let them know the good work your chosen NGO is doing.
    2. Don’t pounce on your donor. Warm them up with a friendly phone call or message before asking for donations. Plan your fundraising campaign and start with information about the cause on your social media feeds before you ask for money. This will give them context and they will know the passion you have for your cause.
    3. Don’t be boring. Although it’s easier to just ask, rather make your fundraising campaign fun. Ride in an animal suit or do something epic. Donors want to see your commitment to the cause.
    4. Ask for a specific amount. Why is this important? Because it takes the burden off of the donor to figure out what size of a donation is necessary. The less thinking the better.
    5. Follow up. Not getting the response you wanted? Follow up. Sometimes people just forget to give or they are waiting for the end of the month.

Happy funding!

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