To help your donors feel like they are part of the action give them regular feedback.

5 ways to give great feedback to your donors

  1. Send individualised Thank You emails. Nothing shows your appreciation more than a simple email expressing your gratitude. It also means so much more when it comes from the heart and, you never know, donors may be compelled to donate again.
  2. Give training updates. Donors want to know that you will finish your race. They are supporting your cause, but first and foremost they are supporting you. Send updates via social media, email and by using the activity stream.
  3. Ask your donors questions. Let your donors know that you are listening. Ask them questions about your cause and ask for their input on upcoming events or opportunities. Donors want to be heard. 
  4. Share photos. Send out photos using social media so that people know how your training is going and how you may be actively involved in the cause that you are fundraising for. Photos are an easy-win and people love them.
  5. Send out Thank You videos. These days phones make it easy for anyone to take excellent videos. Once some of your major funding and training milestones have been reached, why not send your donors a quick Thank You video? They will enjoy seeing your passion. 

Need more tips? Have a look at our Hero Kickstarter page HERE

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