We chatted to Richard “Spidey” Brown, an avid cyclist who is using the Different.org platform to crowdfund for the NSPCA in the Telkom 947 cycle race.


Why are you riding for NSPCA?

I am riding for the NSPCA at the Telkom 947 cycle challenge to raise money for the animals in need at the NSPCA.


Tell us a little more about your beard, and why you’ve been growing it for so long?

I started my beard in October 2014 for BOKtober to show support for the Springbok rugby team, then it was MOVember so I didn’t shave in November then December I made BEARDcember, then since 2015 I have just left it to grow. It’s now about 26cm long.


What are your time goals for 94.7?

This year I would like to do the Telkom 947 race in under 2h30 for the first lap. Then I will have a bit to eat and refresh my drinks and get more energy sweets and gels, then go do a second lap with the NSPCA charity group.


Are you a regular rider and why do you love riding?

As far as my riding is going, I am pretty regular, currently riding 4 times a week and also on the indoor trainer 4 times a week. I love every minute of it easy or hard. To get out in the fresh air with friends and club mates and do something healthy that you enjoy is always a blessing.


What is your secret to fundraising?

I think the secret to fund raising is to reach as many people as possible and make it a little interesting. So I thought maybe my shave challenge would interest people and help spread the fundraising to more people.


Why do you think others should ride for NSPCA?

Riding or even just donating to the NSPCA is a worthy cause. The NSPCA do a lot of work for the sick and abused animals and are always in need of funding. Even if it is only a R25 donation, R25 may not sound much to us, but if 100 people or 1000 people donate R25 then the amount gets larger and larger and the NSPCA can help more animals.


What advice can you give those looking to fundraise on Different.org?

If anyone is trying to fundraise they must reach as many people as possible, send out emails, facebook, twitter and any other social media, the bigger the audience the more likely they will be to receive the help.

Click here to visit Richard’s fundraising page.


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