You’ve got your activist page and even raised some money. Time to start showing everyone what you are doing, how your training is going and the beautiful places you are training. Instagram can be used as a mini-blogging site, plus you have access to all your Facebook contacts. Here are 5 tips to get you instagramming well:


1. Upload a Photo That Is Relevant and High-Quality

Speak to your audience using relevant, high quality pictures. Thankfully, smartphones take great pictures these days so all you need to do it get your composition right. HERE is a great article on composing pictures if you need help. Also, remember your filters – these little gems can turn nearly any picture into something amazing.


2. Tell People What Is Going On

Just like a blog, leave a short message about what’s going on in the picture. There is also a great opportunity to leave a link to your fundraising page. You never know who my be watching your feed.


3. Use Hashtags and Mentions

Hashtags make your picture far easier to find and mentions get your picture to people you may not have access to. Click HERE to learn how to use hashtags and HERE to learn how to use mentions.


4. Share Your Photo on Other Social Networks

Since Facebook bought Instagram, sharing your pictures on the Facebook is really easy. This will give you extra reach and save you effort. All your copy from the Instagram post also pulls through to Facebook, so your story never gets lost. HERE is an article on how to share with Facebook.


5. Provide Regular Updates

Once you get started, don’t stop. Your donors and supporters will want to see your training and passion for your cause. You can legitimately post on Instagram everyday without annoying people. So get cracking!


Happy Funding

2 responses to “5 Tips to Get your Instagram Account Looking Great”

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    Nonhlanhla Zwane :

    I am assisting school teachers and pastors to start a movement to get donations, sponsorships or funding.The movement will be starting in the second term when schools open in Heidelberg in April 2018.
    1000 Kids and Adults will be participating to move the kids from drugs. The money will be for food and sports kit because we do not have anything at the moment please help it is for a good cause.

    Your kind assistance is appreciated.
    Cell no 0795960109

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    Andries Hermans :

    I am assisting Roodebeeck Drummies and Chearleading team to get donations, sponsorships or funding.The team will be participating in the National competions in Durban in July 2017.
    60 Kids and Adults by bus to Durban.

    Your kind assistance is appreciated.
    Cell no 084 586 4054

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