So you agreed to ride 94.7km, swim a mile or even do an Ironman, and it probably was a random act of madness. You can blame the braai, the beer, the peer pressure or a misfiring neuron but you’ve paid and there is no turning back.

Despite your predicament you now have two options: you can train, finish and then enjoy the glory of your achievement or you can train, finish, enjoy the glory of your achievement and make every bead of sweat count. And yes, every charity and the dogs they support is asking you to turn your pain into purpose but here are five reasons why it is a good idea:

  • It won’t cost you a cent. Charities are finding funding harder and harder to come by and this will cost you nothing but seriously help them. Yes, it may cost your friends when you ask for support, but stats show that people are far more willing to give when they know it will be used well, and when they support someone that they know.
  • It makes you feel great. Getting up early to train is hard enough, so not only will you be feeling the surge of endorphin’s following your extreme workout but every meter of gain means more to someone else than it does to you. Your 5am wake-ups now have a higher purpose.
  • You might get into a charity batch. Make sure you signup with the right charity and you get to join the charity batch of your favourite race. Start earlier, finish earlier…
  • You might get free gear. Many of the charities offer free racing gear when a certain amount of funds are raised which means that you can look cool while you make a difference.
  • You really do make a difference. Finishing your race will mean a lot to you, but by supporting the right charity many others will benefit from your effort. Our country needs the help and it needs your exercise.

There are plenty of sites to help you raise funds. offers the ability to do your sport for vetted charities and 100% of the funds raised go to the charity, but there are others also helping to make a difference in South Africa. Here is a list:

Happy exercising!

3 responses to “5 reasons why doing sport for a cause is a good idea”

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    mandla shabalala :

    i think if more of us would have this type of mentality the world will be a better place. you become more healthier physically, mentally, spiritually and this equals to socially healthier communities. this is another way of expanding our selves to the whole world starting at our back yards. please put my name on the list of volunteers, i wish to reach out more to others through this call.

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    Maria Moralo :

    Oagile Botshelo together with Norsu Group is asking for assistance with raising funds for a Walk of Walks campaign we are about to host.We will be walking from Wonderkop/Marikana for the enhancement development of our no-fees schools(rural schools).

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    Stella Rampai :

    We asking for donation of Bicycle’s for Orphans and Vulnerable Children to start Cycling as a Sport so as to get them out of the Street and to keep them healthy through Sports.

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