We love sharing news from our NGO partners. Jenna-Lee Strugnell of Tales of Turning gave us an update on their celebration to honour vulnerable mothers.


Last week our dedicated mothers graduated from our program. To celebrate, they were awarded certificates and enjoyed a meal together. Donated blankets were distributed so that the mothers and their children can keep warm during the colder winter months. This celebration marks the end of our seven week program where the mothers learnt parenting skills and how to develop their children’s self-esteem. They also learnt how to make educational activities from recyclable material. Here’s what the the mothers had to say about the Tales of Turning programme:

I really enjoyed the workshop on parenting skills. Listening is a skill that every parent needs to learn. I remember that when I was a child and I tried to talk to my mother, and she was too busy to talk to me, I thought that she didn’t love me. I don’t want my children to feel that way so learning listening skills is useful.

I have attended quite a few workshops and training, I’ve never come across a lesson of conflict resolution where at the end both parties have to come to a win-win situation. This will be useful when I’m resolving issues with my children


We are about to start the next programme but we need your support to make this possible. Your donation will help to put a vulnerable mother through our program so that she can help her children to reach their full potential.

3 responses to “Tale of Turning Celebrates Vulnerable Mothers”

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    Alison Maclean :

    I head up a PBO, Krupa which is a member of the Corruseal Group and am looking for initiatives to engage with as part of our national employee engagement programme. Please can you provide details on how specifically we could potentially engage with yourselves and are your nationally represented? If not, then do you have associations with other organisations I could make contact with?

    My aim is to implement a Mandela day/week/month giving back annual campaign to ensure on going support and long term engagement rather than a once off.

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    jabulani khambule :

    good day it is good to help vulunarable women in order to eliminate their proverty.i also like or keen about mutual help.hoping to hear from you soon .kind regards jabulani khambule

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    Shirley Mmaphala Maila :

    You have my support. Let us assist vulnerable mothers.

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