We chatted to Casper du Plessis, an avid cyclist who is making use of the Different.org platform to crowdfund for the NSPCA in the 94.7 race.


Why are you riding for NSPCA?

I have always been passionate about animals and from childhood I have wanted to be a conservationist of some sort, or even to be part of rehabilitating wildlife animals, but life happened and things did not work out the way I planned and helping NSPCA in this small way is my way of giving back to what I love and care about, every small step we ALL take towards helping others, would make a BIG difference in the end.


What are your time goals for 947?

Being my 6th year in a row this time I have decided to do something different and ride the race on my Mountain Bike and just have fun on the day and enjoy the atmosphere and the day out on the road. I would like to finish the race in about 3h45 to 4h00.


Are you a regular rider and why do you love riding?

My wife and I used to train almost every day, but the birth of our son has put a little break on our love for cycling. Family is very important to us and our priority is our son and the time we spend with him. At the moment I train at least one day on the weekend, but in the next few weeks leading up to the 94.7, I would train 3 to 4 times per week. Our 2 year old son already has 2 Cycling medals (Argus Juniors and 94.7 Kids race) and this year on 12th November 2016 will be his second 94.7 Kids race. We would like to become a cycling family in the future and would encourage anybody out there to keep their kids busy and healthy – out in the open air by jogging, cycling, go fishing, or even just walking around a few blocks in your neighbourhood. Enjoy the time with your kids and don’t just have them sit at home watching TV, or playing video games. Go and do something you love doing with your kids and family…we will not be here forever.


What is your secret to fundraising?

I think the most important thing is to LOVE and be PASSIONATE about what you are doing the fundraising for. So if your friend, or someone at work asked you to help with raising funds and you just said yes to get them off your back, 99.9% it will not work. Rather be honest with them, or join a fundraising that triggers your heart immediately when you read about it and make sure to always have fun while doing what you like. It will be a success if you make an effort and spend time doing what you have set out to do, sitting back and waiting is not the answer.


Why do you think others should ride for NSPCA?

Everybody out there has a pet / animal / bird in their lives that have made an impact in their lives with Love and Happiness (whether the animals are alive, or already passed on) and they know what joy a person can bring to an animal (and also what joy the animal can bring to us humans). It is just a pleasure to be able to give back and be part of something BIGGER than yourself.


What advice can you give those looking to fundraise on Different.org?

Just be passionate about what you are raising funds for and just enjoy it, if everybody does only ONE small thing, combined with everybody else’s ONE SMALL thing, it would be a BIG change in an animal, or someone else’s life. BE THE CHANGE, don’t just sit back and wait for something to happen, make it happen.

Go HERE for more information on becoming an activist on Different.org.





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