We caught up with Jenna-Lee Strugnell, facilitator of the Tales of Turning project, who told us a little more about what they do.

During the Tales of Turning program vulnerable mothers learn to make educational toys for their children out of recyclable material. This is a chance for vulnerable mothers to be empowered in supporting their children’s education. Not only do these activities help their children reach their full potential, they also give mothers many opportunities to spend time with their children. Bonding between mothers and their children is a vital protection factor against challenges in the community such as peer pressure. Take a look at what our dedicated Tales of Turning mothers had to say about the educational activities that they learnt to make during our program.

“I’m relieved to know how to make educational activities for my children in a way that doesn’t cost money. I want to support my children’s education and sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t have money to buy them the things that they need.”

“My kids were so excited when they saw me come home with all the toys we made! I let them do their homework and chores first. Then we all sat together as a family and did the activities as a reward. They were so happy.”

“My kids were so excited! We did the activities together. They matched numbers and letters. We also played the pic- up sticks game.”

“My son was so interested in the puzzles. He sat down straight away and started figuring the puzzle out.”

“You gave us a worksheet where the children have to write about what they like and write information about themselves. I really liked this activity. It reminds you that it is important to know yourself.”

To visit the Tales of Turning project to find out more, click here.

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