We’ve briefly introduced you to Fix Forward (previously known as Trade-mark), an NGO that connects skilled tradesmen with potential clients in need of their skills, and also upskills them in a number of ways. We’re excited to be partnering with Fix Forward to fundraise for two tradesmen to receive training and business exposure. Here are two testimonials on the impact Fix Forward has had on participants’ lives. Click here if you’d like to learn more about the Fix Forward Project on Different.org.


Trade Mark - Herbert

“My name is Herbert Makamba. I turned 40 this year. I am a painter by profession and joined Trade-Mark in August last year. My business was not getting enough work. Since I joined this organisation, my average turnover has almost doubled. I am being taught how to run my business professionally. Seven months ago, I did not have any clear goals about my life let alone my business but now everything is crystal clear. I have my own personal mentor, provided by Trade-Mark and every week we get life coaching from qualified personnel. Trade-Mark was the missing link to success: they didn’t promise us stars but they are giving us more than they could ever have expected!”


Fix Forward - Gladman

“My name is Gladman Mapuma, I am 38 years old and the owner of MG Mapuma Construction. One of my clients introduced me to Trade-Mark and luckily I have been selected to participate in their Business Builder programme. I would like to thank Trade-Mark for changing my life by providing me with more skills, teaching me to become a more reliable tradesman, how to handle my clients and my financial records. They have also provided me with marketing support, and mentored me to build a successful and independent business. They must keep up the good work!”


Photo credits: Fix Forward

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