This week, we share an update from Cotlands’ newsletter, telling about the great success of their toy library programmes.

Cotlands’ Toy Library programme has been whole-heartedly embraced by children, as well as our toy librarians. Olievenhoutbosch toy librarian Brutus says he likes the model because he’s seen for himself that it helps children flourish. “Children learn through play. They are like a blank page and we need to write positive things before others write negative things,” says Brutus.

He encourages children to dream big during their play sessions. “I help them visualise becoming a teacher, a lawyer, a fireman or even an accountant. I facilitate play sessions that help children develop their cognitive, social and problem-solving skills. My reward is seeing children complete a puzzle. To see them make the connection brings me tremendous joy,” he says.

Cotlands’ toy libraries are in need of toys. If you’d like to offer support, please visit, click on the “get involved” tab and join a campaign. Cotlands has also partnered with, to raise funds for their KZN mobile toy library through a crowdfunding initiative.

Visit the project page if you’d like to know more about crowdfunding for Cotlands’ Toy Library.

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