Feeling unfulfilled in your career but don’t know how to start the process of change? Here are some tips that we found helpful.

Coffee conversations. People usually enjoy talking about their career path. Don’t be shy to ask for a little of their time for an honest conversation about how they got where they are, pro’s and con’s and what they’ve learnt.

On the job. If you know people working in a field that you think you might want to be in, ask if you can spend time with them on the job. It may feel like a big ask, but do it anyway.

Gradual approach. In some cases, it may be possible to volunteer in the area you’re interested in changing to. By doing this, you’ll have an idea of whether it is something that you could see yourself doing full-time.

Know the industry. Even if change feels far away, start familiarising yourself with the industry you’re hoping to move into. Subscribe to newsletters, read up about key players and get a general sense of the lay of the land.

Skills transfer. Think about your current skills set and how they could be transferred to the kind of job you want. You’d be surprised at what you come up with after a bit of lateral thinking. It may also be good to get input from friends on this one.

Put the word out. Discretely let a few strategic people know that you’re looking for a change of career.

Work on that CV. Make sure your CV tells the best story about you and that the way in which you have presented it is well-suited for the field you’re hoping to go into.

Strategise. When thinking about the change, keep your priorities in mind – these will play a big role in determining where you end up. For example, someone who values flexibility over a competitive, cutting edge work environment may make very different choices.

Be prepared to learn. You might not have all the skills you think you need for the change but these can be acquired. There are many online courses and part-time short courses that you sign up for to bridge this gap.

Change may take time. The change you want may not happen overnight. Don’t be discouraged – gradually work your way towards the goal.

12 responses to “10 Tips for Changing Careers”

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    Ipeleng :

    I have a B.Ed degree i have thought about doing B.Ed hounors but after been in the field for 4years I’m certain I want a career change. I do however love teaching I just do not want to be working for the government. I want to move to the mining sector. I do not however know what to study that will complement my degree.I’m very frustrated, waking up in the morning is a hustle…. #PLEASEHELP

  • 19

    Tubatsi :

    I need help i’m doing grade12 but i don’t know which career I should follow. I’m doing commerce with mathematical literacy

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    francois :

    First article that Actually gives 1.) Very decent advice and 2. In a short but powerful summarized format so that it can actually be remembered. Well done

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    cherity :


    I want to change a career. I have National Diploma in Public Management now I want to study teaching I don’t know where to start can someone assist m by giving direction on which step do I need to take.

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    Xolani Siphungu :

    I am one of the people who are considering on changing careers and these tips seems to be interesting.

    • SimoneG replied :

      Glad you like them Xolani! All the best with your career change.

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    SimoneG :

    Here’s a useful article for anyone needing further resources: https://www.extension.harvard.edu/inside-extension/5-tips-changing-careers

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    SimoneG :

    Thank you for visiting our blog, Sylvia! All the best for your career-change decisions.

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    Sylvia makole :

    This is a good advice as I am thinking of changing career.

  • 25

    Sylvia makole :

    This is a good advice as I am thinking of changing career

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    Thato :

    Wow Interesting read!

    • SimoneG replied :

      Glad you enjoyed it Thato!

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