Conservation may not be top of everyone’s priority list – but Children in the Wilderness wants to change this with their Eco-Clubs. These Eco-Clubs give learners who are interested in the environment the opportunity to learn more about this, as well as focus on leadership skills, teamwork, problem solving and other important skills. What’s great about the Eco-Clubs is that they’re run from local schools, and facilitated by local environmental champions, known as “eco-mentors”, whose training is funded by Children in the Wilderness.

We’re excited to be partnering with Children in the Wilderness to fundraise R54,000, which will be used to train 20 community eco-mentors, who will impact 360 learners. These learners will indirectly impact 3000 community members – which is a wonderful way to create an environmentally-aware community. If you’d like to help make this training happen, visit the Children in the Wilderness Project page by clicking here.

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