Here are the easy steps to download your certificate.

Thank you! Your donations have helped change South Africa. Whether it was through buying a Different Life policy, supporting an activist or donating directly to a project you have contributed to making South Africa a better place.

For those who have donated, has made the process of getting a section 18A certificate really easy.

4 responses to “Section 18A Certificate”

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    Sonia :

    Good Day.

    Can you please help me regarding a section A 18 receipt.
    I have just started recently working for a PBO and I don’t know where or how to get a section 18A receipt to give to donors.

    thank you kindly

    • SimoneG replied :

      Hi Sonia

      Apologies for taking a while to reply to your question. Thank you for visiting! Firstly, you need to ensure that your organisation has Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status as well as section 18A status. An organisation with only section PBO status may not issue section 18A receipts. Once you have confirmed that your organisation has PBO and section 18A status, you may draw up a donor receipt including the following details:

      I hope that’s helpful!

      Regards, Simone

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    Thato :

    Hello, please help me register my organization as a PBO