We like getting to know the people behind the non-profit organisations that we partner with. Today, Penny Mpanza, founder of the Let’s Build Our Country Fund (LBOC), tells us more about managing a non-profit organisation.


In 10 words or fewer, what is the idea behind LBOC?

To give an opportunity to financially disadvantaged youth to pursue their tertiary education, creating job opportunities and making a difference.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received (in the context of a Non-Profit Organisation)?

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and do not expect anything back!!


What advice would you give those wanting to work for, or start, a Non-Profit Organisation?

NPO’s are not for profit, so giving should be in your DNA otherwise you won’t last. Have passion for whatever the cause you are standing for is and give your heart and soul to it.


What, in your mind, has been LBOC’s biggest success?

To make a difference and give hope to the young people that have lost hope.


What have you / your organisation learnt from mistakes that may have been made?

Planning properly and in advance before committing to any timelines.


In what way would you like LBOC to impact South Africa?

Changing lives of more than a 1000 youth each year through tertiary education, Internships and Learnerships so they can make life better for their families and the nation…


Have you met any people or heard any stories that have inspired you to do the work that you do? If so, please tell us a little more.
There are so many wonderful stories of inspiration in our Nation and the greatest of them all was the sacrifice made by our Heroes of the Struggle for the greater good of our Nation. That story will forever resonate with me because what they did opened the doors and awakened the great Nation that we are today…


Why did you decide to do the work that you do?

There is a big world out there and big problems that comes with it and youth has always been my inspiration that my 3 children has imparted in my life… I can’t stand to see any young person suffer to make something out of his/her life…

3 responses to “Q & A with the Let’s Build Our Country Fund”

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    Patty Ogle :

    Good Day
    Hope this email finds you well. We are a non profit company that assist npo’s with fundraising, handing out food parcels to the need families in the different areas. We also concentrate on skills development and general empowerment of these npo’s. Our aim is to work and assist npo’s throughout SA !!! Warm Regards

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    elvira :

    hi my name Is Elvira myself and a few ladies (mothers) has come together to help Matriculants who can’t afford to go to their Matric ball.I realised when my eldest daughter was in Matric that it was quiet expensive. With exam fees ball gowns school fees and everything else that goes with it.we are not an organisation. But we don’t make any profits from our efforts only that we are able to help kids have a night that they all have been looking for.we are also trying to get bursaries for them when they are finish with school .it’s been and still is a challenge we have helped more than 30 or so kids.

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    Innocent Nkosi :

    She is the Queen, trust me I know because of I am a beneficiary of the bursary. You literally get everything Paid tuition fees, Accommodation and you get money to eat every month.

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