Projects have three potential funding streams:

  1. Direct donations (credit card, eft),
  2. Give As You Earn (a payroll giving scheme), and
  3. The Different Donation.

Direct Donations

Donors can donate directly to projects via a credit card transaction or EFT.

The Different Donation

The Different Donation allows Different Life policyholders to donate their first and every anniversary payment to projects on

Every year as Different Life sells policies and policies become one year older, policyholders get their wallets credited with one payment which they can donate to a project of their choice.

This kind of funding has a compound effect as one year builds upon the next, and with expansion, this system could potentially make millions available each year to NGOs on the platform.

Different Payroll Giving

The Different Payroll Giving payroll program allows you to donate to projects on directly from your payroll. This happens prior to income tax deduction which means you save on your donation. The table explains how the donation would work from a SARS perspective.

Your monthly payroll donation is allocated to your wallet, and from there, you can choose to donate to multiple causes and non-profit organisations. will then give you feedback on all the projects you support.