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    ACT Africa’s Easter Weekend, All Glory to God🙏🏽💗
    As we ensured as best as we could to provide needy families with food packs for Easter, We never forget to put a smile on the children’s faces and treat them to some games and an Easter Egg Hunt today at the Gail Brittoe Foundation ( who is doing exceptional work with the children) and one of our orphanages.

    All of these children face and have to deal with very challenging and dangerous situations daily in their community and homes (gangsterism, drug wars,substance abuse, gender-based violence, bullying, child abuse child trafficking & poverty etc ) which no person especially children should experience but TODAY the children experienced some relief and it is Safe to say that FUN WAS HAD 😂😂👋🏾👋🏾💗💗 🤗🤗🤩🤩


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