What is an Activist?

An activist is a passionate supporter of an NGO who has a fund raising project on Different.org. You become an Activist by creating an activist project page. Each week, the activist will receive a new challenge. Once they complete the challenge, funds will be allocated by Different.org to the activist project.

The Activist can also direct their family, friends and colleagues to their activist page to donate to their cause. 100% of the money donated goes to the NGO project.

What are the challenges?

These challenges range from completing physical activities to giving back to the community, enabling everyone to get involved and make a difference.

The first three challenges help the activist set up and share their activist page.

The activist will receive a new #doDifferent challenge via email each week to complete and raise funds for their NGO project. Some examples of weekly challenges are:ample of the first three challenges:

  1. Reach your daily step goal
  2. Commit to doing one act of kindness
  3. Adopt an eco-friendly habit

Where does the money come from?

Different.org is owned and supported by Different Life and is used as a crowdfunding platform to fundraise for worthy projects. What makes Different Life unique is something called the Different Donation.

The Different Donation is the first and every anniversary payment of the Different Life policy. It is loaded into the policyholder’s Different.org wallet and once cleared, this amount becomes available to donate. If a policyholder does not donate the amount loaded into their Different.org wallet within 45 calendar days of it becoming available, it will be auto-allocated to one of the projects on Different.org.

This is how Different.org is able to reward completed challenges, with funds that go towards the Activist’s chosen NGO project.

How else can one donate?

Fundraising done differently. To raise “funds” and #doDifferent as an Activist, complete your weekly challenge and Different.org will allocate money to your project.

Beside this, the activist page can accept direct donations and Different Donations from Different Life premium holders.

What does Different.org do?

Different.org is an online crowdfunding philanthropy platform enabling South Africans to make a difference in our beautiful country. We search South Africa for NGOs doing great work and partner with them to make an impact by raising funds on the Different.org platform. Many NGOs are hampered by the burden of continually having to fundraise and worry about income to continue good projects. We want to lift the burden by exposing people to these projects and enabling them to be a part of the impact.

What is a fund raising project?

Occasionally Different.org will partner with an NGO who wants to raise a large amount of money for various projects as well as operational and fund raising expenses. The NGO may want activists to run or ride a race to raise money for their cause. They do this through activist pages created by passionate followers of the NGO.

Although we still promise to give 100% of the funds raised to the NGO this is not a ring fenced project and as such does not appear in our projects section. Different.org still conducts an impact assessment on the NGO so that those giving to the fund raising project know their money is being well spent.

Donors can still give their Different Donations to activists.

How do projects get onto Different.org?

All projects need to be vetted before appearing on the website. This vetting process is undertaken by Different.org and is a free process. Once a project is vetted and placed onto Different.org, the platform is 100% free to use.