Over the last month or so, we’ve seen nature breathe a collective sigh of relief as the humans retreated into lockdown. We’ve loved seeing the lions taking back the “streets” of the Kruger National Park and the penguins go for a route march through Simon’s Town.

While the animals may be relieved to be temporarily undisturbed by us, now, more than ever, NGOs with a focus on the environment, conservation and animal welfare will be dependent on the ongoing support of their donors to keep their crucial work going.

Here’s how you can help if you have unallocated Different Donations:

  • Wildlife Act hosts educational bush camps for children living in areas surrounding conservation areas so that they may develop a love for nature that will lead to an appreciation of the need for conservation.
  • WildOceans, a WildTrust programme, employs members of the local Maputaland community to monitor and protect vulnerable Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles that visit the shores of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a World Heritage Site. 
  • The NSPCA’s Wildlife Protection Unit ensures that wild animals in captivity are treated humanely.
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