South Africa is considered one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, because of all the different types of animals and ecosystems it has. Although South Africa only occupies 2% of the world’s land surface area, it hosts an impressive 10% of the world’s plant species, and around 7% of its animal species.

We’re sharing these facts because our environment is one of our national treasures and failing to protect it will have serious consequences. Not only will generations to come miss out on enjoying the natural beauty, but it will detrimentally affect our health and also the country’s income derived from natural resources.

For all these reasons, conservation of South Africa’s natural heritage is crucial. While some may feel conflicted because there is so much human need, a healthy environment is also important for people to flourish.

If you’d like to support conservation in South Africa, here are two projects on to choose from:

Wildlife Act hosts educational bush camps for children living in areas surrounding conservation areas so that they may develop a love for nature that will lead to an appreciation of the need for conservation.

WildOceans, a WildTrust programme, employs members of the local Maputaland community to monitor and protect vulnerable Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles that visit the shores of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a World Heritage Site.

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    Rotenda :

    I want to play my part as a member of the community and a tourism ambassador

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    Xolani :

    hello my name is Xolani from Harding but I’mcurrently staying in Durban. i would love to learn more about conservation of different plant and animal species that we have. I wouldlike to know the requirements for to join your educational camps

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