I wouldn’t have guessed that Thapelo* had been on a destructive path. After what he’d been through: several losses of those close to him, forced to move to the city from a small town, and a host of other challenges – anyone would’ve lost hope.

Thapelo showed me around the house in Diepsloot that he shares with his aunt, and also pointed out his favourite spot for reading in the front yard. “I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, and making the wrong choices”, he says, explaining that reading hadn’t always been how he occupied his time.  So what changed? “I went on a camp run by Impact Students, and I realised that I could make right choices”, he says.

I met Thapelo per chance, as I was visiting learners from an artisan academy, but how he had been given a crucial reminder of his potential and ability, stuck with me. This is why I’m so pleased that we’re partnering with Impact Students to help raise funds for their three annual camps.

Students from Cosmo City Secondary School, Diepsloot West and Rabosotho Combined School have been invited for a time away, which will focus on empowering them to understand and address the key issues in their lives that are stopping them from reaching their full potential.

We’re excited to invite you to partner with Impact Students to help them equip these learners to believe in themselves, and make choices that help them accomplish all they’ve been made to accomplish. Click here if you’d like to be part of effort to empower students.

*name has been changed to protect identity

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