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Vultures are the most misunderstood superheroes of our planet.

Robin Shepard
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This project is raising funds to build partnerships with schools and communities near vulture colonies to implement an interactive and robust educational programme focused on vulture conservation.

Vultures around the world are disappearing at an alarming rate. In Africa, some vulture populations have declined by over 90% in the last three decades, with six of the eleven African vulture species being classified as either endangered or critically endangered on the IUCN Red list. This is extremely concerning as these birds play a vital role in our ecosystem, filling a niche unmatched by any other animal. Through scavenging on carcasses, vultures control the spread of communicable diseases across a landscape. Diseases like botulism, rabies, and anthrax can all be consumed safely by vultures thus preventing their spread. Previous examples of devastation to human health and economy due to declines in vulture populations serve as a warning for our society if we do not act rapidly to prevent further declines in our vulture populations. Both the natural environment and our human societies depend on these birds. Unfortunately, despite their importance, vultures face dozens of anthropogenic threats on a daily basis. In addition to powerline electrocutions and collisions, habitat degradation, and unintentional poisoning, these birds are intentionally poisoned by poachers attempting to cover their tracks or captured for use in traditional healing practices.

At VulPro we use a multifaceted approach to conserve our African vultures with programmes aimed at rescue and rehabilitation, captive breeding for population supplementation, and research. However, we believe effective conservation is only possible with the help of local communities. To save these species from extinction, vultures need to be protected by the people who share their environment. As such, VulPro’s school and community education programme, Vulture Custodians, aims to raise awareness about the importance of vultures and their conservation among the next generation of environmental stewards. more

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Funded to date:

R 682

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NGO: VulPro
Start: 22nd February 2024
End: 17th June 2024