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I believe Penreach Asidlaleni Toy Libraries and Reading Camps is a great cause. I am doing this because...

Andries Machavane
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R 1,090
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R 4,000

This project is raising funds to establish reading camps in rural Mpumalanga province, as well as equipping community centres,  churches or volunteer homes with a Toy Library (Wendy House) that will be used to store reading books, toys, arts & crafts and learning posters. The toy library can be used by the community children after school and during school holidays.

Penreach is a Non-Profit Organization that operates in the disadvantaged rural communities of Mpumalanga province, working towards educational excellence and providing access to quality education. As a social impact organization, we have grown from a local teacher-development outreach project in 1994 to an experienced NGO that annually reaches more than 500 000 beneficiaries with a footprint in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Asidlaleni Toy Library is a community and volunteer-based initiative which offers access to children to visit after school and during school holidays for play. This initiative affords children access to literacy in a form of age-appropriate reading materials. The rural communities that Penreach supports are economically disadvantaged and often families cannot afford to buy toys or books necessary to stimulate development in children. Toy libraries also offer a safe haven for children after school, it serves as an aftercare facility for children whose parents are at work after school and left unsupervised. more

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Funded to date:

R 1,090

Funding goal: R 4,000
NGO: Penreach
Start: 13th December 2022
End: 14th March 2023