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I believe Helping children with kidney disease is a great cause. I am doing this daughter had a kidney transplant and Kidney Beanz are our lifeline

Amanda Bossenger
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As it is very important for kidney disease patients to lead a healthy lifestyle. As patients are diagnosed, their diet has to change immediately as there are many foods that can affect their treatment. Some foods that patients are not allowed include potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, anything containing salt, citrus fruits and many more.

It is very important for us to ensure that the patients and their families are aware of the dangers of unhealthy eating, and how they need to change their lifestyle. Due to children with kidney diseases inability to get rid of waste and fluids, most children have a daily fluid restriction, which gets addressed and monitored by the Dietitian. more

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Funding goal: R 10,000
NGO: Kidney Beanz
Start: 7th March 2017
End: 31st May 2017